Join Daemon at Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit London - how we deploy AWS innovations in retail, data and migration

AWS Summit London is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited. As an official AWS Advanced Partner, we’re one of only a handful of consultancies trusted by Amazon to provide AWS services on its behalf. We’ve achieved a lot in this capacity, and we can’t wait to share some of our recent accomplishments. These include:

  • Integrating frictionless shopping for a global leader in hospitality and food service management. This was the first initiative of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere and involved paving new routes to market while navigating legacy systems. 
  • Migrating a major UK supermarket’s eCommerce site to AWS in a way that increased efficiency and drove revenue growth.
  • Modernising the DevOps culture of a global clothing brand, empowering them to embrace transformative possibilities in the process. 

We’re keen to talk about these achievements, but this isn’t our only reason for attending. We may be AWS experts in our own right, but we’re also AWS enthusiasts. This year’s agenda is jam-packed with expert speakers and exhibitors, and we’re planning to soak up as much knowledge as possible. Here’s what we’re most excited to see, and what we’re hoping to bring to the table. 


What’s on the agenda for Daemonites at AWS?

With over 80 sessions to choose from, the only way to make the most of AWS Summit is to plan ahead. We’ve been scouring the agenda for unmissable events and we’ve narrowed it down to a few must-see presentations. Here are the sessions that we’ll be making a beeline for in London:

Paul Campbell, Head of Cloud

“I love the keynote speech. It sets the tone for the day ahead and is a great way to get an insight into the latest trends and announcements AWS will be making. I’m also looking forward to the session on AI/ML for ESG Reporting and Data-Driven Decision Making. It will be fascinating to see how AI can help businesses to achieve their sustainability goals through better decision making.”

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Damien Duff, Senior Machine Learning Consultant 

“I’m really looking forward to Operating a Genai Service at Scale- An Adobe SRE’s Perspective. One of the major benefits of the cloud is scale, and this session should provide a real-life experience of how AI applications on the cloud can be run at scale too. I’m also excited for the talk by Teckro on using generative AI to improve search for clinical trials. It will be great to see how generative AI can be applied to sort through previously inaccessible unstructured data and generate immediate business value.” 

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Jimmy Headdon, Head of Delivery Excellence

“I’ll definitely be attending How Ocado Technology Reduced Cloud Costs Without Stifling Innovation. Balancing cost efficiencies and the pace of development and delivery is a concern for many of our clients, especially in the retail space, so there’ll be lots to learn from this session. I’m also looking forward to Sustainable Architecture: Past, Present and Future. Companies are increasingly investing more time and money into understanding their technology ESG contributions, and this is reflected in our own Well-Architected Review sustainability pillar.”

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This year’s event is all about getting technical experts from around the world to share their knowledge. We’ve got plenty of our own to share, so we hope you can make space for us in your AWS Summit agenda. Use this link to book a demonstration, or come and see us at Booth B28.  


AWS Summit is a key part of our calendar

pexels-andrea-piacquadio-3860641 (1)

AWS Summit London is always a highlight in the Daemon calendar. We work hard to keep ourselves at the cutting edge of AWS capabilities, so it’s reassuring to see so much overlap between the summit’s key themes and our own ambitions for the year ahead.

These include:

  • Harnessing the latest advancements in generative AI. This technology has entered the mainstream conversation in recent years and many of our clients are keen to get on board. As Greg Duckworth and Damien Duff explain in this interview, our job is to look beyond the FOMO and help our clients find an AI solution that is genuinely useful. 
  • Focusing on foundational infrastructure. DevOps is embedded in everything we do, and this is especially true of our AWS services. By implementing the AWS Well-Architected framework, we ensure that your AWS environment is easy to use and paves the way for future success. 
  • Using AWS innovations to help businesses differentiate themselves from the competition. Our approach to AWS can also have a major impact on eCommerce sites and other customer-facing services. By streamlining AWS workloads, we can create a smooth customer experience that really stands out from the crowd . Our recent work with Superdry is a great example of this. 

With these themes in mind, we’re hoping to connect with new customers and catch speeches from AWS insiders such as Francessca Vasquez and Tanuja Randery. This will allow us to set a course for the coming months that is well aligned with the future of the AWS platform. 


Why connect with Daemon?

AWS Summit isn’t just about showcasing our achievements. We’ll be actively looking for new clients to help on their AWS journey. We have a unique way of working which fits perfectly with the show’s themes, and we’re keen to talk about it. Here are three reasons to pay us a visit at this year’s event:

We are specialists in accelerating innovation in retail using AWS

Over the years, we’ve become a proven partner for retail transformation. We’ve helped everyone from supermarkets to stadiums optimise operations, transform customer experience and improve insights into customer behaviour. 

We have a proven track record in migrating tech and empowering teams with AWS

We take a uniquely holistic approach to AWS migration. Besides focusing on ease of use, cost savings and security, we make an effort to upskill teams and modernise working practices. This ensures long-term success as well as short-term gains. 

We are leading experts in generative AI, ML and data science
New technologies can unlock valuable insights and exciting creative opportunities, but only if they’re used properly. Our discovery workshops focus on the unique needs of each client so that we can deliver a tailor made AI, ML or data science solution that really adds value to your business. 

These are just a few of the ways we can help you get the most from AWS. Come and see us at Booth B28 or book a meeting to find out more. If you can’t make it to AWS, talk to our team at Daemon HQ instead!

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