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Data, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Turn your data into intelligence

At Daemon, we take a data-first approach with our clients. We start by defining the most burning needs of your business. The ones that are integral to your vision.  We work to understand your data ecosystem and maturity level, and help you make informed decisions about which of the plethora of possible cutting edge technologies will give you that edge, whether it be by obtaining AI-driven insights or building AI applications into your business. We get busy making it happen, uniting your team behind that one vision, and leave you enabled.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) Services

Daemon Insights

We help you get your data working for you. We ensure that your analytics systems are the best in class, and that your data is well-governed and accessible.  We work with you to explore new opportunities, solve your problems and answer your most pressing questions.

Ignite ML use-case clarification

Finding your competitive edge with ML means identifying which use cases are differentiators and proving their value. With design thinking workshops and fast prototyping, we help you validate use cases, focused on business outcomes and significant, measurable value. We then transform your prototype into a fully integrated solution, baking the value into your business.

Create ML Build-Out

We build an end-to-end ML & AI product for and with you. This includes every part of the product's life-cycle:  data gathering, data cleaning, data analysis, data pipelines, data platforms, interfaces, integrations, applications, upskilling and recruiting. We build, train and test your ML models but do not just leave it at that. This is about deploying them and integrating them with your products with all the best practices baked in. Throughout the process, we build the capabilities of your teams to ensure you can sustainably manage your data and solutions in the future.

Enable ML for MLOps

We help you do ML right, consistently, and fast. You might have great ideas, prototypes, even a vision and models working for your business but struggle with faults, lack of trust, slow time to market, high maintenance or simply don't know where to start to get it into production. We bring the tools and framework you need to rapidly build machine learning solutions that are fully automated, reducing maintenance but with automated oversight and visibility so that you know you are doing it right.

Data Services

Data Strategy

We work with you across a series of workshops to help you gain valuable insight into your business and chart a course into the future knowing that you have a solid plan for obtaining value from your data and fostering a data-driven culture. We help you translate business priorities into actionable data strategy requirements, define a target state for people, process, technologies and skills, and create a roadmap to deliver that target state.

Data Platform

Get your data foundations right with Daemon's help. We bring to you our experience with building out best practice data lakes, data warehouses, and advanced data platforms, putting in place the framework that you need to activate your data, whether through insights or applications. With our help, you can take full advantage of the power of your data and use it to drive innovation and growth within your organisation.

Data Engineering and Digital Data Products

We know our way around data and data engineering. Whether you need help building out data pipelines, integrating new sources, capitalising on it in your services - whether with APIs or downstream applications - or getting answers out of it, we are there with the skills and tech to make it happen.


Many enterprises and businesses struggle to get their digital products to market quickly. It could be convoluted processes, a lack of trust and a need for extensive reviews, or no awareness of a better way. But it is possible to be agile with data, and for that, you need to be organised. We bring our experience with best practice solutions and offer code repository templates with these best practices built-in, allowing you to quickly set up, orchestrate and manage complex data workflows.

Data Security and Governance

Data is not just massive potential value - data that you use or hold is also a great burden; privacy and security risks abound and you as stewards of data have moral and legal obligations to mitigate those risks. We bring end-to-end solutions for data governance and data security, including monitoring, logging, access control, data lineage, data catalogues, data profiling & quality, and data stewardship.


AI in Retail

Retail is well-placed to benefit from Artificial Intelligence, by improving the retail experience for consumers with a personalised recommendation engine, more accurate forecasting for improved planning, operational optimisations, or great insights.
In the hyper-competitive world of retail, improvements to operational efficiency can mean huge savings and an increase in margins. There is an increasing shift towards optimisation and efficiency and away from excess and waste. Using tools with predictive capabilities doesn’t mean you can predict the future, but you can do more to limit the unpleasant surprises.
At Daemon, we are working with the latest proven technologies to give retailers easy access to the incredible power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and thrive in this dynamic and challenging landscape.

Our accelerators

Data Lake in 6 Weeks

For when you want to get on top of your data but don't have a lot of time or resources, we bring our knowledge and tools and build you a Data Lake and Warehouse in a short span of time: you get a great ready-to-go data solution without committing any major investments.

You get:

  • A Data Lake and Data Warehouse all set up.
  • Out of the box ingestion connectors working with your data.
  • Best of breed dashboarding.

Key use cases:

  • Ingest and organise your structured and unstructured data.
  • Scale limitlessly.
  • Rapidly deploy applications and insights.

Daemon Personalize

From a rapid roll out of a fully managed service to bespoke solutions for gaining that business edge, Daemon brings the power of Machine Learning to help your clients. We come with a fully-fledged solution providing individualised recommendations that respond to customer behaviour in real time, but don't stop there. Our aim is to bring the full power of artificial intelligence into your customers' hands.

With 'Daemon Personalize' we focus on delivering clear business benefits quickly. Our rapid rollout solution is designed to give results fast - we simply present back to you the comparative results between your current solution and the ML-driven Amazon Personalize platform. Meanwhile, we are ready to iterate, customise and integrate using machine learning and Daemon best practice engineering.

Key use cases:

  • Personalised recommendations.
  • Personalised search ranking.
  • Personalised promotions.
  • Personalised content.

“Daemon brought their retail experience and expertise to the Boundless Store prototype, helping us to bring it to life at the NRF Big Show.“

Paul Fryer, Head of WW Solutions Architecture | Retail at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Our Partners



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We helped AWS build a Boundless Store experience as a showcase for delegates at the National Retail Federation 2020 Expo Big Show, the world's largest retail conference.

ML & AI / Case study

Better learning and engagement in a MOOC using ML & AI

Using Machine Learning (ML) we built a recommender solution for an online learning provider to improve user engagement.

ML & AI / Case study

AI and Machine Learning for improved wellbeing

Our client creates products and services for better healthcare and wellbeing. BfB Labs use an innovative sensor to improve mental wellbeing through gaming.

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