Performance engineering

Optimising performance for speed and scale. 

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We believe that everyone should experience good performance, whether you're on a low powered device or live in an area with slower internet speeds.

Performance Engineering is a culmination of skills and techniques we can bring to ensure that any applications you deliver can scale to meet the demands of your customers, but also deliver the user experience they expect.

By getting involved early we can help to design solutions that are built for speed and scale. We align to continuous development principles through Agile and DevOps to ensure any issues are addressed as early as possible. We know some issues are only ever found ‘in live’, so with targeted monitoring and a continual feedback loop, we can ensure your platform is always running optimally.


  • Reduced costs
  • Increased revenue
  • Increased pace of delivery
  • Continual performance feedback to developers
  • A really fast user experience
  • Peaks become a 'non-event'

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Our Services

We offer 3 key services as part of our Performance Engineering framework

Performance Assurance

At every step of their development pipeline we’ll measure the performance of your application changes so they can be shipped to your customers.

Page Speed Optimisation

We’ll work with you to identify what content you want your customers to see first, and how to deliver that efficiently. We’ll also ensure you can assess the impact of your changes, good or bad and identify the impact third parties are having on your page speed.

Application Optimisation

We’ll help you design your systems with performance up front. We'll also profile your code to identify the slow bits and tune your infrastructure and config so it's fully aligned with the workloads your application needs to meet. We’ll always measure what's happening ‘in live’, and feedback recommendations to your delivery teams.

Additional services

Performance Maturity Matrix

We take a 360 view across all areas of your business including people, processes, technology and operating models to identify where you are on our Performance Maturity Matrix, and how to progress to the next level.

Monitoring & Alerting

Getting to the right information quickly ‘in live’ is key. We’ll get you set up with ‘application specific’ dashboards so you can see problems as soon as they occur.

Cloud Cost Optimisation

Cloud offers limitless combinations of offerings to run your applications, some of which can be costly. As experts in Cloud we’ll help you provision the right infrastructure for the right task especially at your busiest times.


The Need for Speed in eCommerce

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Performance Testing in an Agile World

We used Performance Engineering to help a leading UK Grocery retailer deliver a scan and go application to hundreds of stores.

Results we’ve delivered

Stabilised the website of a large UK grocery retailer for two successive Christmas peaks, where previously they'd had large outages.

Led the performance engineering on a huge change programme for a leading UK retailer, ensuring they could migrate a £1 billion business unit onto a new platform seamlessly.

Scaled a system to handle 21,000 concurrent users, an uplift of more than 5000% for a leading UK retailer.

Migrated from a lengthy manual performance test cycle, to a fully automated test suite embedded within the platform's delivery lifecycle - adopting a shift-left approach.

Improved a critical POS system by migrating the platform from on-premise to the Cloud enabling auto-scaling and gaining benefit from cross-zone stability.

Delivered a monitoring and alerting system for a global fashion retailer giving them full visibility of the health of their system for the first time.

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