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Need to shake things up? Power up? Get to the future faster?


Our mission is to guide clients successfully and securely through their cloud adoption journey. We do this in three ways:

We simplify technology and increase business agility by removing the shackles of legacy systems.

We deliver simple and appropriately sized solutions for our customer's needs.

We drive adoption of cloud innovations and deliver business value.

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Performance Engineering

We believe that everyone should experience good performance, whether you're on a low powered device or live in an area with slower internet speeds.

Performance Engineering is a culmination of skills and techniques we can bring to ensure that any applications you deliver can scale to meet the demands of your customers, but also deliver the user experience they expect.

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Digital Engineering

Application Design: Ensure your designs are fit for now and the future

Engineering Methodology: Get your engineering teams working at their most efficient

Engineering Capability: Expand your ability to deliver your services

Product Development: Get the product you need delivered by experts

Incubation: We'll support your engineering needs and help you grow

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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

You're drowning in data. We help you ask the right questions that cut through the noise, using the power of machine learning to extract the insights that propel your business forward

At Daemon, we take a data-first approach with our clients. We start by defining the most burning questions for your business. The ones that drive your strategic decision-making. What data do you need to guide you? What insights can catapult you ahead of the competition?

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Atlassian are a global technology company whose goal is to unleash the power of teams through their software, including Jira, Confluence and Jira Service Management.

As a partner we provide services to support all your Atlassian needs delivered by our team of certified professionals. From training and licensing to migrating your Atlassian workload onto a public cloud, we have you covered.

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