Design thinking

Design is a powerful way to unlock innovation and solve complex problems

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Design Thinking is a methodology that provides a structured approach to solving problems and unlocking innovation

A highly valuable and creative way to tackle complex problems, especially those that are ill-defined or unknown, by understanding the human needs involved.

At Daemon we take this approach and use two layers, the five step process and the three ‘lenses’ to find the true value in the ideas and solutions we implement. This is our FiveByThree Design Thinking service.

Five step process

Daemon Design Thinking Five Step Process

1. Empathy

We start by consulting topic experts and discussing with users. Here we learn how people interact with an existing solution to get an insight into where the current challenges and ‘pain points’ exist.

2. Define and Focus

By now we’ve gathered enough information to analyse and identify the core problem, the main question we’re looking to answer. This allows us to refine and focus things down from what we have learned so far.

3. Ideation

Generating ideas can be done in a number of different ways but it’s about brainstorming, free thinking and capturing ideas fast in the form of wireframes, sketching, post-its, whiteboards - whatever works best.

4. Prototype

Building a low risk, inexpensive model to help us test our ideas. At this point the goal is to identify the best possible solution going forward. This about the quality or ‘finesse’ of the prototype - but a way to accurately communicating ideas in a way that captures their essence.

5. Test

It’s time to get our prototype in front of users. The goal here is to learn as much as possible about the possible solution and any issues we might face.

Three aspects



Do people want this?
This needs to be looked at from a design perspective but also think about behaviours, goals, culture and context.


Can we do this? Is the technology readily available and at a reasonable cost to do this successfully? Here’s where we think about things more from an engineering perspective.


Should we do this? Here we’re thinking about things from a business viewpoint. What goals does this support?

“Design Thinking is about helping everyone to think more like designers, who have honed their problem solving tools and techniques for many years”


Design Thinking and how to bring innovation into the light

Where does innovation actually live? Is it held by a few ‘keepers of the flame’, a secretive cabal of ‘creatives’ within an organisation? Or perhaps it lives in a ‘Centre’, a special place where only a few of the chosen ones can concoct unique ideas from dark magic?

Cloud / Client story

Smart Cloud migration you can trust

When disruption of a £30m revenue stream and retail experience in over 30 stores in the UK is at stake the solution requires careful planning and confident execution. Find out how our expertise and approach ensured a smooth transition to the Cloud for our client and their customer.

We can help you get there faster, pivot or take a check-and-balance on where you’re heading.