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working at Daemon

Meet some of our Daemonites and find out what the Daemon life is all about

tech, we can

We’re all about energy. The energy that comes from confidence, camaraderie and a shared purpose. We’re about career-defining work – delivering a vision, not just a product. We’re about digging deep into every engagement to unearth its full potential. And inspiring and empowering every client, leaving them stronger than when we arrived.

We empower you to deliver, with an open, honest culture where you can be yourself. With mentoring and extensive training that helps you grow as a person, not just a techie. And with our One Team spirit, collaborating with other superheroes who care about their work, their values and each other.

We’re out to change the world, one digital transformation at a time.


We pay competitive salaries with some great benefits (which we’re always reviewing):

  • Private healthcare
  • Dental cover
  • Electric vehicle incentive scheme
  • Flexible working
  • 25 days paid annual leave
  • Parental leave
  • Competitive pension contributions
  • Death in service insurance (4 x annual salary)

smells like (one) team spirit

We know all about the energy generated when a team works well together. It starts here, at Daemon HQ.

we’re buzzing

We look out for each other and stay connected; that means mentors, work buddies, and just… hanging out. We’ve always got good excuses to get together, from our big summer festival to regular team lunches – and a few parties in between. And when face-to-face isn’t on the table, we’re ready to pivot to virtual cocktails/mocktails, painting sessions and more.


Come and join us in clubhouse Paddington – just 2 mins walk from Paddington station. It’s a great space to collaborate, innovate and socialise.

movin' on up

When you’re working at Daemon you’ll always know what to aim for next:

  • We have clear grading steps that help you track your career progression and spot opportunities for training and development (they help us ensure fair pay and promotion too)
  • You’ll work with your People Manager to create a personal development plan; they’ll help you shape your progression with bi-monthly meetings
  • We believe in training (like AWS and IDEO), and have a great leading and influencing course that’s open to everyone
  • We bring together people from the tech community to share ideas and use lunch and learns to make sure everyone in the business knows and cares about what their colleagues are up to

meet some of the Daemonites

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Charlie Kieszkiewicz

Five bullet points that sum Charlie up:

  • Consultant Software Engineer 
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Aromatherapy
  • Cooking - some say I'm a "Daemon" cook (pardon the very intended pun)
“Daemon has a very holistic approach to my career and personal development. I feel valued and well-supported. I'm surrounded by so many talented people that working at Daemon feels like being in a masterclass in "how to's" ranging from engineering to marketing.”
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Jenny Locke

Five bullet points that sum Jenny up:

  • Head of People (HR geek)
  • A Running convert, obsessed
  • Based in leafy Surrey
  • Mum of two football-crazy boys
  • Owner of the best Akita/GSD three-year-old dog, Cassie
“Daemon is unlike any place I've ever worked. I always said that nowhere could beat Samsung as my corporate home, but I genuinely found it here at Daemon. Great people, great culture, great purpose, great work-life balance and simply put, the ability to be 100% truly me.”
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Nathan Webster

Five bullet points that sum Nathan up:

  • Principal Consultant
  • Proud Yorkshireman
  • Dad of one, soon to be two girls
  • Big American Football fan (Go Giants!)
  • Future Masterchef Champion
“I could say the challenging work, interesting clients or super talented team. But for me, it's the Daemon culture that really is like nothing else. I've never worked in such a supportive and genuinely caring environment that prioritises people and community first.”
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Thandile Xiphu

Five bullet points that sum of Thandile:

  • Senior Consultant
  • Based in Cape Town, South Africa
  • Married with a 2 year old dog
  • I’m an introvert. I’ll probably seem quiet in large group interactions, but I love one on one conversations, you might even struggle to shut me up.
  • I enjoy being in nature, hiking, going for walks etc. I also enjoy doing puzzles and reading.
“The thing that really stands out for me is the people. Everyone I’ve worked with, chatted with etc. are friendly, caring and really embody the Daemon values. I also enjoy the wide range of things one can participate in that aren’t part of the consulting role like being a part of the D&I group or the socials group and organizing our year-end events last year.”

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