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Proud AWS Advanced Partner

Using AWS cloud to drive innovation and modernisation to deliver business value
We are a proud AWS Advanced Partner consistently delivering quality and value in partnership with AWS

Our Cloud Migration capability supports customer migration to AWS including assessments, migration and modernisation to cloud native and micro service architectures.

As Retail Competency Partners we have vast experience of delivering success on AWS for our retail customers.

Our AWS Services

Cloud Consulting

Our AWS Cloud Consulting services include Cloud Migration, Cloud Operations and Cloud Rocket, our DevOps adoption and automation service.

We ensure customers successfully move to the cloud, modernise and innovate to deliver business value

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Engineering, Data and Machine Learning

Our digital engineering services modernise your application landscape in the AWS Cloud. We provide a minimal disruption high value path to modernisation.

Deliver your technology future with a partner you can trust

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Daemon are AWS Retail Competency Partners, we understand how the AWS Cloud can revolutionise the retail experience.

We’ve taken groceries out of on-premise and into the cloud for a top supermarket, a game changer for cost and agility

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Cloud Migrate



We migrate business critical systems and entire data centres to the AWS Cloud, helping our customers to reduce cost, gain agility and flexibility


We carry out a migration assessment identifying the migration scope and systems. Creation of an AWS TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) model and high level migration approach. We use discovery tools to carry out the assessment such as Cloudamize and AWS Application Discover Service


Pilot allows us to run short proof of concepts with selected pilot applications to prove that the high level approach is feasible. It also allows us to provide input into the AWS mobilise phase and detailed planning.


Readying the organisation for AWS Cloud migration, implementation of required capabilities and tooling. AWS Mobilise includes formation of the migration factory and finalisation of the migration candidates and plan.


Migration to AWS includes build & replication of systems, data migration, testing and cutover. Migration strategies include modernising, implementing DevOps approaches and adopting AWS platforms such as RDS, EKS and Serverless technologies.

Daemon Elastic Kubernetes Service Delivery

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If you want to move applications into containers AWS EKS is a great solution and we are the partner who can accelerate your journey. At Daemon our EKS solution establishes a great platform for your containerisation needs, scalable, flexible and fully operationalised.

AWS EKS Implementation

Implementation via Infrastructure as code and pipelines for building out the EKS clusters and full tooling solution. Based on Terraform pipelines and FluxCD. Istio Service Mesh used to control ingress traffic.

Automated Deployment

End user applications created as Helm packages. Automated deployment of applications using tools such as FluxCD or Spinnaker depending on requirements.


Full monitoring and observability of EKS and Applications via CloudWatch and Elasticsearch, with metrics digested into Prometheus to generate visual dashboards. Ability to integrate metrics into your tools such as Datadog or New Relic.


Built for ease of ongoing maintenance and improvement, either Daemon can support for you or we can upskill your team and enable them for future success.



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