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the Daemon way

We’ve been powering digital transformations since 2007

Our Story

how movements power digital transformation

There’s an energy in the world unlike any other. It isn’t generated by turbines or power stations. And it can’t be measured in kilowatts or joules. But it fizzles, buzzes and can bounce. It’s powerful stuff. It’s the energy that's generated when people come together, collaborate and work towards a shared vision. An energy we spark in three powerful ways. A bit like a three point plug, we get it flowing through teams of people…

It's time to unite behind one vision, empower people's potential, and inspire with a one team spirit. Because teams who share a vision don’t just get behind a desk, they get behind a movement. And when that movement plugs into the possibilities of technology, its energy can transform the world.

Movements power digital transformation.

purpose. mission. strategy. stuff like that.

We’re here to help you use technology to make the world a better place.

We want to build trusted partnerships with our customers, helping them to embrace the tech they need to drive their success. To build a great place to work, where a diverse team of talents can thrive, united by our shared values and One Team spirit. And to leave this world a little better than we found it.

We do this by turning teams into the movements that power digital transformation.

“Daemon are changing the way technology is delivered.”

Meet the Daemon Board

  • Steve Bennett Steve Bennett
  • calum Calum Fitzgerald
  • jane-lockwood Jane Lockwood
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Kyle Hauptfleisch Kyle Hauptfleisch
    Chief Consulting Officer
  • Richard-Newsome Richard Newsome
    Non-Executive Director
  • Judith Batchelar Judith Batchelar
    Non-Executive Director
  • Heath Heath Jackson
    Board Advisor
  • Peter Ironside Peter Ironside
    Chief of Markets

The Daemon values


We’re easy to talk to and work with. We like to stay open-minded: we listen, absorb and consider the ideas, views and knowledge of others.


We have a strong sense of fairness and honesty; we do the right thing in a reliable way. But we can – and will – say no when required.


We approach things sensibly and realistically, with a clear focus on outcomes, goals, and getting things done.


We embrace change; there are always things that could be improved. We like to do this collaboratively with our clients and colleagues, we don’t do it to them.


We always commit with energy, enthusiasm and determination. Call it a ‘can do’ spirit or simply rolling up our sleeves. We care about what we do.

Need to shake things up? Power up? Get to the future faster?