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Image recognition and the future of retail innovation

Over the last decade, UK retailers have increased their adoption of intelligent technologies. These solutions can be used to enhance operations and address key business challenges.


For example, self-checkout theft has become a major issue in nearly all supermarkets across the country.


  • One-quarter of shoppers have committed theft at a self-checkout machine at least once
  • One in five shoppers admit to regularly stealing items while using self-scanning checkout stations
  • Supermarkets with self-service checkouts are significantly more likely to experience shoplifting (86%) than those without (52%)

This is costing supermarkets billions of pounds - British shoppers steal around £3.2 billion of groceries a year using self-service supermarket checkouts.

Discover the solution to the ‘Carrot trick’ that could help prevent self-checkout scams


How can supermarkets prevent self-checkout theft?

AI technology provides the answer. Supermarkets can use AI-based computer vision software to monitor and recognise the items shoppers scan through self-checkout machines. If someone tries to trick the system by weighing a bottle of wine as carrots, the AI will realise this and prompt the user to put in the correct item.

We’ve even built our own retail fraud prevention system to test out the theory, based on the AWS Panorama platform. Watch the video above to learn more.

The result is reduced self-checkout theft through an intelligent, AI-driven system.

This is just one example of how digital innovation can be used to solve business problems in the retail space. Technologies such as AI, machine learning and computer vision are opening up new possibilities for retailers and enhancing customer experiences.

So, how can retailers keep pace with competitors in the next era of retail? The hardest part is knowing where to start. But there are some simple steps retailers can take to kickstart their digital transformation.

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