We're excited to announce that we’ve been recognized in Hired’s 2023 List of Top Employers Winning Tech Talent. Here’s how we did it

At Daemon, we don’t just measure success in financial terms. One of our North Star ambitions is to be the employer of choice within our industry, and that means doing everything we can to put people first. This is reflected throughout our recruitment process, and in the day to day management of our team. 


We put a lot of effort into making Daemon a great place to work, so it’s always great when this is recognised. As well as being named one of the 25 best UK tech companies to work for by Best Companies, we’ve recently been included in Hired’s 2023 list of the Top Employers Winning Tech Talent, ranking eighth in the entire country. Here’s a look at what this means, and how we plan to keep putting people first in 2024. 

Naomi Pearse Daemon Women of Silicon Roundabout 2023

How we made the list


Hired’s list is widely recognised as a benchmark for ethical recruitment in business. Using extensive data from both recruiters and candidates on their platform, Hired is able to build a detailed picture of every company’s recruitment process. This is then judged against three criteria in order to arrive at a final score. These criteria are:


Equity- Does the company make an effort to include underrepresented candidates in both the interview and hiring process?


Efficiency- Does the company streamline the hiring process so as not to waste the time of unsuccessful candidates? 


Transparency- Does the company provide concrete salary information during the hiring process, and is it open with candidates about the nature of the role they are applying for? 


These criteria closely mirror our own goals when it comes to hiring and retention. We believe that a fair and honest recruitment process is better for everyone, and we take a number of steps to make sure this happens. Here are three things that we do differently, and how this ensures that every candidate has a positive experience. 


1. Focusing on culture


The first major difference in our recruitment process is that it includes a culture interview which focuses on the candidate’s values in relation to our own. This is given the same weighting as the traditional technical interview, meaning that company culture is never neglected. 


2. Diversity on both sides of the table


Most companies recognise the importance of interviewing diverse candidates, but few think about the diversity of the interviewers themselves. Without a diverse interviewing panel, hiring choices can easily be swayed by the preferences of the leadership team, which is why we encourage employees of all levels and backgrounds to take part in the interview process. This helps us to make more informed choices, and gives candidates a better idea of what life is like at Daemon. 


3. Nobody left hanging 


We don’t want anyone to feel that we’ve wasted their time, so we try to get back to every candidate as quickly as possible. We aim to complete the entire interview process, from initial screening call to final job offer, within ten days. If a candidate is unsuccessful, we let them know within the same timeframe and provide them with personalised feedback. 


This approach to recruitment is beneficial in two ways. As well as ensuring that we choose the best possible candidate for the job, it helps us to build a reputation as a fair and respectful employer. This makes us more attractive to future candidates, further widening our pool of talent. Daemon’s Head of Talent, Chris McKenzie, explains this strategy


“The recruitment team is Daemon’s shop window. We’re the first people potential hires speak to, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. We know that candidate experience has a huge impact on how we’re thought of in the market, and we want to establish a reputation for treating new hires well. I used to run a pub and it’s just like being behind the bar. The first face people see should always be a welcoming one.”


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Our focus on people goes beyond recruitment

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Our commitment to people doesn't end when we make a job offer. Our whole way of working is built around the wellbeing of our team- from our bi-monthly check-ins to our dedicated wellbeing working group. As our Head of People, Jenny Locke, explains, the only way to ensure mental health remains a priority is to treat people as individuals:


“People are wonderfully diverse by nature and we need to keep this in mind when we’re approaching wellbeing. Both our own mental health and that of our loved ones can have a significant impact on our professional life, so it’s important to take everyone’s circumstances into account.  A healthy workplace culture is one that can support people through the full range of human emotions- celebrating the good times and offering support during the bad times.”


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If you’d like to see first-hand why Daemon is such a great place to work, head on over to our jobs page and put in an application. We look forward to hearing from you!

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