Daemon ranked 38th global most loved workplace by Newsweek

It's fair to say we’ve been on a bit of a roll lately. Just a few weeks after being included on the Sunday Times’ list of the best medium companies to work for, we’ve received another accolade for our unique workplace culture — and this time, it’s international!

We’re extremely proud to have ranked 38 on Newsweek’s Most Loved Workplaces® 2024. It’s an honour to be recognised and a testament to the amazing work of everyone at Daemon. 

Here’s why we were chosen and how we plan to build on this achievement. 


Digging deeper

Most Loved Workplaces® is the world’s most comprehensive workplace satisfaction survey. Started in 2021 to recognise companies that went the extra mile for their employees during the pandemic, Newsweek’s list has become an annual fixture in the corporate world. 

What sets it apart from other surveys is the breadth and depth of its research. In partnership with the Best Practice Institute, Newsweek interviewed over 2 million employees, asking about everything from pay and job security to company values and collaborative opportunities. 

By delving into these often neglected areas, Newsweek has built a truly holistic picture of employee sentiment. As Best Practice Institute CEO Louis Carter explains, the businesses that made the cut have succeeded in forging a real bond with their employees: 

“A Most Loved Workplace" focuses squarely on the degree to which employees have a positive feeling about their employer. (This means) high emotional connection or love for their place of employment.”


What sets Daemon apart? 

The depth of the Newsweek survey is clear from the detailed feedback it gives every company on the list. Our own paragraph highlighted three key areas that secured us our place in the top 100:

“Daemon stands out for its deeply ingrained culture of appreciation, collaboration and personal development.” 

This was music to our ears, as we prioritise these elements of workplace culture. Let’s take a look at each in turn and how we ensure they’re at the top of the agenda.

  • Appreciation

We believe that employees do their best work when they feel appreciated. That’s why we always make a point of giving credit where credit’s due. This isn’t about hollow praise, but about drawing attention to genuine excellence. As Newsweek puts it, “recognition is not an afterthought but a core practice”.

This recognition comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s just an informal “well done”, but we try to show our appreciation in bigger ways, from in the moment Praise You’s, a defined and practiced feedback philosophy to Manager Thank You’s and team lunches to our annual summer festival, we use company events to reward Daemonites for their hard work and to bring our teams closer together. 

  • Collaboration

Daemon Festival 2022-176 (1) (1)Newsweek also praised our commitment to collaboration, noting that “Daemon thrives through active working groups and initiatives that celebrate and educate on the rich tapestry of cultures and identities within the team.”

We believe two heads are better than one, and five are better than two. Every Daemonite brings their own experiences and knowledge to the table, and we want to make the most of this diversity of thought and backgrounds. 

Our working groups are a great example of this ethos in action. These small groups of employees are dedicated to improving a particular aspect of company life. From diversity and inclusion to charitable giving, these groups are given a wide remit to suggest and enact changes for the good of the business. 

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  • Personal development

For collaboration to be effective, we need to ensure that every team member is firing on all cylinders. We do this by prioritising individual wellbeing and creating clear opportunities for personal development. As Newsweek puts it, “Personal growth is tailored and continuous, with bimonthly check-ins that empower employees to take charge of their own development”.

Our commitment to employee wellbeing isn’t just talk. We employed a dedicated Head of People, Jenny Locke whose job is ensuring productivity never comes at the expense of mental health. Here’s Jenny explaining more about her role:

“Wellbeing means different things to different people at different points in their lives. Some may have practical concerns about their finances or physical health, while others may be struggling with less visible concerns such as stress or depression. Our job is to account for all these experiences and ensure that colleagues feel they can speak up and have somewhere to turn when things get tough.”

We do this through regular check-ins with people managers, allowing employees to raise any concerns in a neutral environment. These meetings are also an opportunity to discuss career advancement. If an employee wants to learn a new skill or work on a new project, we do everything possible to accommodate them. 

Jenny Locke tells us more about Daemon’s commitment to employee wellbeing


Onwards and upwards

We’re thrilled to be included, but it doesn’t mean our work is done. As with previous accolades, we hope that this recognition drives us to keep doing better for our employees and our clients. There’s always room for improvement; we hope to place even higher on next year’s list. We’ll leave the final word to one of our founders Calum Fitzgerald:

"Being named one of Newsweek's Most Loved Workplaces is a testament to our unwavering commitment to appreciation, collaboration, and personal growth. This recognition inspires us to keep elevating our workplace culture and continue making a positive impact."

Want to see what makes Daemon such a great place to work? Take a look at our careers page and join our growing team today.

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