Episode 8 - Technology Leadership

Get ready for a masterclass in technology leadership as Nathan Webster, Principal Consultant at Daemon, steps into the host's chair for a captivating conversation with Richard Newsome, former CTO of Cancer Research UK and Sainsbury's, and a Non-Executive Director at Daemon.


In this episode of The Daemon Drumbeat, Richard takes us on a journey through his inspiring career, sharing valuable insights and wisdom acquired over decades at the forefront of technology leadership. As someone who has navigated the intricate landscapes of both nonprofit and corporate giants, his perspective is nothing short of invaluable.

Richard candidly discusses the current challenges faced by technology leaders in our rapidly evolving digital age. 


But that's not all. Richard recognizes the profound impact that mentorship and coaching have had on his own career. He passionately emphasizes their role in personal and professional growth, making this episode a must-listen for aspiring leaders or anyone looking to elevate their career to the next level.


🎙️ Tune in to this enlightening episode of The Daemon Drumbeat and learn from the insights of a true technology legend. 


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