Episode 12 - Moving Toward The Platform

In this enlightening episode of The Daemon Drumbeat, host VT is joined by engineering mavens, Jimmy Headdon, Head of Delivery Excellence, and Victor Szewczenko, Principal Consultant at Daemon, for a deep dive into the evolving landscape of technology platforms. Amidst the fervour surrounding AI and digital transformation, our guests explore the seismic shift towards service-based, composable e-commerce engines and the broader implications for businesses striving for innovation and adaptability.

Jimmy and Victor unravel the complexities of breaking up monolithic architectures, shedding light on the journey toward micro-services and the burgeoning trend of platform engineering. They dissect the balance between embracing cutting-edge technologies and maintaining the invaluable core of specialised knowledge and first principles in software development.

As they navigate the pros and cons of cloud adoption, the resurgence of the monolith, and the imperative of critical thinking in technology solutions, Jimmy and Victor provide a masterclass on the strategic considerations businesses must weigh. They stress the importance of aligning technology choices with business goals and the power of developer experience in unlocking team potential.

Join us for a thought-provoking conversation that goes beyond the buzzwords, offering a candid look at the challenges and opportunities presented by the current technology paradigm. 


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