Episode 13 - Connecting people to history with AI

In this episode of The Daemon Drumbeat podcast, our host VT talks to Ben Shields, CEO and Joshua Balla-Muir, CTO at Know Me. Know Me is a vibrant startup with an aim to bring history alive - from educating children about historical figures to giving voice to holocaust survivors.

Ben Shields and Josh Balla-Muir discuss their vision of a truly interactive and fun learning experience in the form of a video conference-like AI-driven experience. Joining them on the podcast is Damien Duff, AI champion and implementor at Daemon, who, with others at Daemon, worked with Ben and Josh to realise their vision.

During this episode, we discuss the possibilities and promises of AI, the difficulties of getting it right, and their own emotional experiences with the characters they have created. Tune into the podcast to understand how AI and AI applications are transforming the world of startups and get a glimpse into how it will transform your experiences in the future.


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