Unipart: Migrating critical systems in under 12 weeks

Unipart Logistics were running a critical logistics solution in an IBM hosted data centre with the IT support outsourced to three external parties. The ageing solution was suffering multiple outages and impact to Unipart’s ability to service important customers. The need was clear to move to a modern hosting solution and Amazon Web Services was the obvious choice. In order to meet business drivers, the migration needed to go from design to production-live in a 12 week period.

Daemon, as the chosen AWS partner, led a series of workstreams to assess the workload, identify required service improvements, design the proposed solution and agree the delivery schedule and governance.

The implementation and migration phase included building the initial AWS landing zone and implementing guard rails and the creation of accounts for development, test and production. The application migration was carried out in phases, firstly development followed by test and production with each environment proved via functional testing. The following AWS services were included in the solution VPC, EC2, Transit Gateway, Direct Connect, RDS, Lambda & Cloudwatch.

Daemon supported a successful cutover weekend where the entire workload was switched from the legacy datacentre to AWS with only minor issues. The project was a huge success, providing a scalable and resilient solution which resolved instability and provided Unipart with a future proof platform to support its important customers.

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