Episode 9 - Navigating Global Collaboration with VT and Nathan

In a special episode of the Daemon Drumbeat, we turn the tables as Nathan, Principal Consultant, steps into the host's shoes again to engage in a candid conversation with Principal Consultant VT, our regular podcast host, to talk all things collaboration and working with different cultures.

VT shares insights from his unique perspective, working from the vibrant heart of South Africa while orchestrating seamless collaboration across global teams. They explore the why and how behind this model's success, especially in serving our clients.

VT and Nathan delve into the fascinating world of working with diverse cultures, emphasising the vital role of effective communication and teamwork in achieving a balance between geographic distances. Daemon's global approach isn't just a matter of logistics; it's a testament to the power of uniting different backgrounds and experiences toward common goals.

🎙️Tune in to this episode of the Daemon Drumbeat and discover how Daemon's collaborative spirit knows no bounds, creating an energetic rhythm across continents and cultures. VT's journey is a testament to the transformative power of teamwork and communication in the modern workplace.


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