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Digital Engineering

Build a working prototype to take to market fast.

Digital Transformation requires fast innovation. Ignite is our Rapid Prototyping service that helps you build a minimum viable product to test in 2-4 weeks.

We’ll help you get early buy-in from your stakeholders and deliver value fast.

We rely on a depth of knowledge accumulated over more than a decade to quickly deliver a functional prototype creating development and application frameworks based on modern best practices in the industry. Using these accelerators and our capability together means we can deliver high-quality outcomes quickly.

Ignite the outcomes


  • Go further with your testing by building a real product
  • Minimise the investment risk, find out fast what works
  • Get early, valuable feedback from real users

Why Daemon?

The right experience

We have an experienced team of engineers, designers and delivery people. So not only do we build your prototype in the right way with the best tools available, but we stay focused on what your users really need from your product.

Collaboration and integration

We’ve built things for Sainsbury’s, VISA and Superdry where collaboration has been key - we know how to seamlessly integrate our research, development and design capability into your organisation.

A reputation built on high performance people are renowned team players who know exactly what it takes to be part of a dynamic, high performing team. Pragmatic, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

How it works

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Implementing innovation in a financial services company

Our client is the biggest card scheme in the world, servicing 15,900 financial institutions, over 46 million merchants and $11 trillion total volume. Innovation in such an organisation needs to have incredibly low risk.


Rocket-fuelled Rapid prototyping

The market is challenging and highly competitive. Every day companies are doing what they can to innovate: releasing new products to drive brand engagement and get more customers. Get some ideas on launching your ideas and innovation here.

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