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The direction of digital transformation

With the pace of digital transformations accelerating over the past 12 months. How successfully are organisations adapting and what factors are driving their key decisions…

In late 2021 we conducted a research study in association with Vanson Bourne to ask 200 CTO and CIO leaders what digital transformation means to them, and how these projects were impacting their businesses.

The findings were surprising with only 8% saying that they have seen real value from these initiatives. While digital transformation is seen as essential by organisations of all sizes our research has highlighted that businesses are struggling to realise the true value.

Read a copy of the research report to discover:

● How are digital transformations accelerating?
● Why is there a disparity between business and IT?
● Why digital transformation is creating confusion.

watch the webinar

Watch the recording of the webinar hosted by Tim Adler, Group Editor at Information Age, where Daemon discussed the findings of the report.