Creating a transparent and seamless solution for a key customer

Our client was a global data and marketing consultancy who specialise in data engineering, business intelligence, data science and multi channel marketing. They have a global client base that includes Fortune 500 companies.

The Challenge

A global data and marketing consultancy reached out to Daemon for Atlassian support. They advised that one of their key customers raised concerns about the delivery of key parts of their ongoing support that they provided to them. Their customer was struggling to understand when their releases would be delivered, and they were frustrated about the lack of visibility with regards to progress and prioritisation. Their customer advised that they needed a solution, and they asked them to present this solution at a fast approaching meeting.

Our client was using a number of various methods to keep track of their work, this included various spreadsheets and a variation of tools. There was no real control over predicting what was going to be delivered and the customer had no access or visibility.

What we did

Our client reached out to Daemon’s for assistance with solving this urgent problem. They chose Daemon as they had assisted them previously with Atlassian expertise. Daemon came in at short notice to assist them with this challenge.

Our client explained the situation and the existing challenges that they face both with their key customer and their internal processes. carried out a workshop and mapped out the entire process and worked with our client to identify the gaps and to highlight opportunities throughout the process. One of’s recommendations was for them to introduce version control and a build and release schedule to plan and deliver deployments. This would allow the customer to know what was going to be included in builds and when they were going to be delivered. also advised of using a methodology to involve the customer in the process, including when prioritising the customer backlog and discussing delivery dates. This would also grant visibility on the schedule of when items will be delivered. This was all built inside the Atlassian toolset utilising standard functionality to assist both the client and their customer. promoted the use of a scrum board and utilising Jira project features to track releases. assisted with the creation of a number of dashboards and reports to highlight how things are at a glance for both the client and their customer.


This solution enabled both sides to have access to up to date data, regular communications and promoted collaboration and transparency.

The success of this project provided numerous benefits to both our client and their key customer, including transparency, a clear pipeline of delivery, regular communication and involving the customer throughout the process, including with the prioritisation. This solution saved a lot of time for both sides as they all knew exactly what was happening and when items were going to be delivered.


Both sides are now working closer together than they have ever done and are continuing to enjoy the benefits. Both sides are involved throughout the process and have access to reports and metrics, this has enabled a sense of transparency and trust between the two sides. The Atlassian toolset has been utilised as a platform to make this possible.

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